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S1/E4 - Mer People Folklore, fact and connecting to the energy of the sea

September 25, 2020

Tonight's subject is Mer people. Mer people are just one part of a group of water elemental spirits. Mer people are just the ones we hear about the most. Folklore is sprinkled with stories of seductive mermaids singing songs to enchant sailors and lure them to their death. They are associated with the ocean and commonly referred to, of course, as mermaids and mermen.

Debunkers will say, well, people are misinterpreting other sea creatures that we know about, like a manatee. But manatee don’t look human at all and a manatee do not have arms and hands.

But a lot of people who are earth-based practitioners, people who practice Wicca and have a lot of reverence for the Earth, do work with mer energies. When those energies are captured, it is to open up emotional centers, to process emotion, learning how to separate intellect and emotion, developing tolerance. Some people say that to call on mer people and to invoke their energy is very good for protection for women. It is also very good for your imagination and ancient wisdom for predicting storms and future events. There's always this energy of prediction involved in water energies and developing psychic power and self-discipline.

Many energy healers call on mer energy because there is a really graceful flow of energy with mer. There's a sense of freedom and empowerment that comes with tapping into mer energy for healing.