Ghostbumps with Jovie and Bridey

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S1/E2 - Ghost Lights

September 11, 2020

Each night strangers gather in the darkness to wait for the light.  To witness the strange phenomena of the ghost light.  Ghost lights appear all over the world.  What are those mysterious lights people sometimes see in the distance? Sometimes these lights are stationary and sometimes they move and travel.  Sometimes they are at the horizon and sometimes they hover or fly through the air.  Reports of sightings of ghost lights have been reported for hundreds of years.  These lights have been called ghost lights, spook lights, corpse candles and will o’ the wisps.

On this episode of Ghostbumps Jovie and Bridey explore the possibilities.  We look at examples of ghost lights in the US.  From Marfa, TX to Paulding, PA.  So get ready ghosties and come with us on this bumpy ride.